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Ventrol custom air handlers offer many innovative solutions for your retrofit and renovation applications. When you require a unique configuration, a shorter footprint, easy access or ease of installation along with maximum energy efficiency, low sound levels and superior indoor air quality, Ventrol can deliver the flexibility you need.

Knock-down Construction

Knock-down Construction Knock-down Construction Knock-down Construction

We recognize not every project has easy access—particularly renovation and retrofit applications of older air handlers that are reaching the end of their useful life.  Our knock-down construction option can provide the most cost-effective solution by avoiding the time and expense of a major tear-out and reconstruction project.  In addition, the performance of your new system can be re-aligned to match current capacity and airflow requirements—with advanced technologies such as FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®—to reduce operating expenses over the life of your new air handler.     

Knock-down construction means that the unit is engineered and manufactured for disassembly prior to installation.  Extra attention is given to the break points of the unit for easy disassembly and reassembly in tight mechanical room spaces. The unit can arrive at the jobsite broken down or can be disassembled on the jobsite. Contractors can visit our factory to see how the unit is manufactured to make jobsite assembly a breeze. 

A popular option in retrofit applications is for a unit to ship complete for disassembly at the jobsite or to ship disassembled on a pallet.  Knock-down construction may also include:

  • Factory marking of break points
  • Fasteners designed for disassembly and reassembly
  • Extra insulation and fasteners
  • Factory supervised installation
  • 3-D drawings and assembly instructions

Getting equipment into tight places is no longer a problem when you specify knock-down construction from Ventrol.  Contact your local Ventrol Representative to show you how knock-down construction may be the best solution for your facility needs. 

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Fan System Upgrades Using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY


In lieu of a complete air handler replacement, a fan system upgrade using a FANWALL® system can be the most cost effective solution for avoiding the cost and business disruption caused by the failure of an existing air handler that is reaching the end of its useful life. And the resulting energy savings can be 40% or more. 

Here again, access limitations are often a barrier because the replacement cannot be accomplished without the time and expense of a major tear-out and reconstruction project.  A FANWALL system can minimize this and other barriers.

  • An air handler cabinet can retain its integrity well beyond fans, coils and other components, allowing it to be retained with a new FANWALL system and other components such as coils, dampers, etc. This can essentially result in a new, more efficient air handler in the existing skin.
  • The modular design of a FANWALL system allows individual cubes to be navigated through a standard 3-foot door and assembled inside the existing air handler cabinet.
  • There is no need to have a crane on site as is often the case with larger conventional fans.
  • The performance of the new system can be upgraded to better match actual capacity and airflow requirements.
  • Design flaws—such as component access issues—can also be addressed.
  • Ancillary components such as sound attenuators and air blenders that created static pressure penalties in the old system can be removed.
  • All of this often can occur over a weekend or during unoccupied time frames to minimize downtime or disruption of normal business.

To learn more about what FANWALL TECHNOLOGY can do for your project, contact our local Ventrol Representative or order our FANWALL TECHNOLOGY brochure or FANWALL TECHNOLOGY retrofit brochure or visit

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Retrofit and Renovation Applications

Commercial Office Building, Marlborough, MA

Ventrol Custom Air Handlers with Knock-down Construction and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY

Commercial Office Building, Marlborough, MA Commercial Office Building, Marlborough, MA Commercial Office Building, Marlborough, MA

  • 350,000 ft2 office building needed upgrade to six aging air handling systems.
  • Air handlers had to be replaced over the weekend due to critical applications.
  • Replacement air handlers or fans were too large to fit inside the building.
  • Solution: Knock-down air handlers with a FANWALL system—nine FANWALL cubes in the supply unit (55,000 cfm) and four cubes in the return unit (33,000 cfm) at 5” TSP.
  • System delivers lower acoustic levels, increased airflows, and improved airflow through coil and filters.
  • Read our case study

Major Healthcare Educator, Stony Brook, NY

Ventrol Air Handler Systems with Knockdown Design and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY

Major Healthcare Educator, Stony Brook, NY Major Healthcare Educator, Stony Brook, NY Major Healthcare Educator, Stony Brook, NY

  • Required an air handler retrofit solution that avoided major disruptions to patients and staff in surgery area.
  • Critical design needs included a highly reliable airflow supply, an AHU design that could be broken apart and moved into an interior room and an AHU construction that prevented thermal bridging.
  • Solution was a VENTROL custom-engineered knock-down AHU design with a thermal break construction using hybrid foam insulation and a FANWALL system
  • Thermal break construction prevents surface condensation with low temperature air supply.
  • FANWALL system consists of nine fans, with three as backup delivering a total 31,800 cfm. When all nine fans are running, the system delivers 38,000 cfm against 12 inches static.
  • Read our case study

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