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AHRI Certified
  • designs and manufactures heating and cooling coils for new or replacement applications.
  • can ship custom coils as fast as 24-hours.
  • has design tools to help you calculate coil performance.
  • is a member of AHRI so you can count on our coil performance.
  • has solutions for extending coil life.
  • will delight you with their customer service.
Ventrol's Coil Selection and Pricing Application

You can count on Ventrol for manufacturing excellence in delivering the quality and performance you need. We manufacture our own coils so we can provide the response, flexibility, and performance tailored to your needs.

Our coil performance is certified to AHRI Standard 410. Ventrol engineers can design a coil to operate in a wide range of fluid pressures and temperatures. Every coil that Ventrol manufactures is subjected to under water dry air pressure testing to 500 psig to confirm manufacturing integrity. Standard operating pressure ratings are 250 psig for hydronic and evaporator coils and 15 psig for steam coils. Higher pressure ratings are available.

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We Manufacture Coils to Match Your Needs

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  • Chilled or hot water, direct expansion (DX) and standard steam coils
  • Water and DX coils with pressure ratings up to 250 psig
  • Steam coils pressure up to 15 psig
  • Galvanized or stainless steel casings
  • Aluminum and copper fins available in rows 1 to 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16
  • 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch copper tubes with choices in wall thickness; aluminum and copper fin options 
  • Corrosion resistant coating options like Heresite®, ElectroFin® and BlyGold®
  • Custom accessories including coil racks for stacking and securing multiple coils, drain pans for the
    collection and removal of condensate, and mist eliminators to help prevent moisture carryover downstream
  • Quick ship options are also available

Coil Types

Direct Expansion Coils
Chilled and Hot Water Coils
Direct Expansion   Chilled and Hot Water
 Steam Coils    Booster Coils
Steam   Booster

Material Options

 Tube O.D. (Copper) 1/2" 5/8"
Tube Wall Thickness
 Fin Material/Thickness                      
Aluminum / .006"
Copper / .006"
Aluminum /.008", .010"
Copper / .006", .008", .010"

Coil Accessories

 Mist Eliminators
Intermediate Drain Pan
Mist Eliminators   Intermediate Drain Pans

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Ventrol U-bends

For maximum quality Ventrol brazes u-bends on its copper tubes so there is no reduction in wall thickness associated with hairpin tubes.


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