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Custom Air Handler Custom Air Handler Custom Air Handler

Ventrol custom air handlers are designed for your specific needs for new construction, renovation and retrofit, and repair projects. We offer a broad range of options with units up to 300,000+ cfm. Ventrol has multiple innovative solutions for maximizing energy efficiency, reducing annual operating costs, improving indoor air quality, and achieving low sound levels. We offer knock-down construction, thermal break technologies, energy recovery technologies, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, and many other high quality custom air handling systems in various shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Thermal break technology—Ventrol’s thermal break options minimize or prevent any condensation and frosting on the warm side of the panel caused by thermal bridging. Foam, fiberglass, or a combination of these insulations, is used along with a no-through metal design option to maximize thermal resistance between the interior and exterior of the cabinet.  

Knock-down construction—We recognize not every project has easy access— particularly renovation and retrofit applications of older air handlers that are reaching the end of their useful life.  Our knock-down construction option can provide the most cost-effective solution by avoiding the time and expense of a major tear-out and reconstruction project.  In addition, the performance of your new system can be re-aligned to match current capacity and airflow requirements—with advanced technologies such as FANWALL TECHNOLOGY—to reduce operating expenses over the life of your new air handler.

Energy recovery ventilation—Ventrol’s custom air handlers with energy recovery technologies are comprised of two counter-flow air tunnels with a common air-to-air heat exchanger transferring heat only, or heat and moisture, between the airstreams. Air-to-air heat exchangers carry the AHRI 1060 seal for AHRI Certified™ performance for either wheel, plate or heat pipe heat exchangers. Integrating energy recovery technologies into the air handler design helps to capture the energy in the airstream, that would otherwise be exhausted to the atmosphere, and uses it to either pre-heat or pre-cool the outdoor airstream depending on the season. This pre-heating or pre-cooling can lead to significant energy savings and a reduction in the building’s central plant size.

FANWALL TECHNOLOGY—Reengineering how you move air: compact, energy efficient, and with low sound levels. Breaks down large fans systems into smaller, more manageable fan arrays for added reliability and improved airflow efficiency. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is ideal for new construction and retrofit applications.

Sound level reduction—Achieve sound levels never thought possible from an air handler with Ventrol’s quiet design options. When faced with placing units near occupied spaces or sound sensitive applications, consider a unit equipped with a FANWALL® array and/or sound attenuators to meet your specific sound requirements. Ventrol continues to improve the sound performance of its equipment through use of Nortek Air Solutions’s sound and thermal-testing laboratory, and can offer customers the option of receiving certified sound performance reports.

All the flexibility you need for your HVAC project.

Whether your need is a unique unit configuration, special material of construction, flexibility in installation or demanding performance, Ventrol’s engineers have the experience and know-how to design a solution for you. Flexibility and value are what bring customers back to Ventrol.

  • Custom configurations
  • Knock-down construction done either at the factory or on the jobsite
  • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Factory assembled accessories
  • Fan retrofits made easy with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY
  • Large multiple fan air handlers
  • FANWALL arrays with service vestibules and factory-wired controls
  • Sectional construction for ease of transport and installation
  • Energy recovery ventilation: wheels, plate, and heat pipe technology
  • Fans: Scroll, Plenum, Vaneaxial and FANWALL Fan Array
  • Tread-plate floors with trapped drains
  • Variable wall thickness
  • Foam panel, hybrid foam panel, and fiberglass insulation
  • Hydronic and DX coils with pitched drain pans
  • Gas heat
  • Washable with electric coil
  • Filtration options—2 to 12 inches
  • UV lights
  • Service vestibules
  • Power panels
  • Unit controls
  • Interior lights and receptacles
  • Air monitoring devices
  • Door sealing and aligning hinges
  • Dampers, louvers, and hoods
  • Viewing ports
  • Silencers
  • Air blenders
  • Humidifiers
  • VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)
  • And more…

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Custom air handlers, knock-down unit construction, special unit configurations, thermal break construction, special materials of construction, humidification, and energy recovery technologies, for new construction, renovation, and retrofit markets.

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