Energy Recovery
Energy Recovery Energy Recovery

Ventrol’s custom air handlers with energy recovery technologies are comprised of two counter-flow air tunnels with a common air-to-air heat exchanger transferring heat only, or heat and moisture, between the airstreams. Air-to-air heat exchangers carry the AHRI 1060 certification seal for AHRI Certified™ performance for either wheel, plate or heat pipe heat exchangers. Integrating energy recovery technologies into the air handler design helps to capture the energy in the airstream that would otherwise be exhausted to atmosphere and uses it to either pre-heat or pre-cool the outdoor airstream depending on the season. This pre-heating or pre-cooling can lead to significant energy savings and a reduction in the building’s central plant size.

Ventrol custom air handlers with energy recovery technologies are also designed to improve the air quality, thereby increasing the comfort of the occupants. All Ventrol equipment is designed by an engineering team of experts to ensure the highest quality and cost effectiveness.

To learn more about our energy recovery options, contact your Ventrol Representative or order our Heat Recovery Brochure.

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Custom air handlers, knock-down unit construction, special unit configurations, thermal break construction, special materials of construction, humidification, and energy recovery technologies, for new construction, renovation, and retrofit markets.

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